Wednesday, September 17, 2008

this is it..

The final strike, last cut, enough said..

My blogging days are over, and they shoul've been a long time ago. I have to spend time on my education, friends and life away from the computer:)

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Anything at all:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Currently i'm somewhere in Rogaland working as a PA (personal assistent). Yesterday, after reading for hours, i went for a walk. It was amazing!! The wind was really strong, no rain, i was all alone and had such a fantastic, calming and funny time! It was a feeling of freedom that just blew me away!

I didn't really have the shoes for it though, haha:)

After trying to avoid the nice traces left by the cows, i headed towards a top. Not a big one, cause it's quite flat here, but a tiny hill maybe. Standing there in the wind, the sun came out and it was so pretty!! All i could here was the sound of the wind, and i couldn't see anyone else, awww, it was great!!

Let me add the funny part:) Walking back, swept away by freedom and joy, i was more dancing than walking. And I must admit, was kinda singing:) Then, suddenly, without any warning there was a man right behind me!!! I turned into a tomato and just couldn't stop laughing, hahaha:) He just laguhed with me and we strolled together while i was trying to secretly convince him that i was sane and hadn't lost it completely. He, on the other hand, thought it was very qute to see someone dance around looking happy, hahaha:) This will haunt me for quite some time!

wet and windy

Rain, wind through the trees and through the window next to me, even though it's closed, brrrr!! I have to admit, have to face the truth, it's autumn....

I love the summer, and the spring, but to be true i'm not fond of the autumn. What's good about autumn??
You have the easy things, like staying inside drinking hot chocolate, ligthing the fire, watch a film, wear mittens again etc. But the thing is, you can't stay inside all the time. You have to get to uni, to the gym, visit friends, buy stuff and so much more and then you have to go outside. Outsie where it's raining cats and dogs andthe wind get's colder by the day.. nope, no fan of the autumn, especially knowing it'll only get worse.. Cause winter is coming, but i won't start on that one yet, haha:)

Sorry to be sounding negative, if you know me, you also know i'm usually in good spirits:)

If you have any favourite autumn things, please share!

Monday, September 01, 2008

daily temptations

At the University we have the most amazing cafeteria. They have anything that a young and hungry, or not so hungry student would crave for. Smoothies, ice cream, salad bar, bread, fast food, dinners, cakes, cookies, loads of exiting coffees etc. It's such a TEMPTATION!!! The picture shows what I try to eat for lunch, when others are treating themselves to the one delightful dish after the other... I wish I could brag and say i pack a lunch everyday, but no.. But i am and will continue trying to do so! I packed one today, but what good is that when you leave it in the kitchen at home!
But I promise myself I'll be more strict from now on, packed lunch go! go! go!! :)

a new visit from tsiky

If you've read my blog, you know that Tsiky, a friend from Madagascar, is in the area this year:)
On Friday I had the pleasure og having him on another visit. When you're with Tsiky, it's impossible not to have good time:)
Friday evening when he came, we went to a CHRISC (Christian Sports Contact) gathering. And hilariously enough, Tsiky met someone he knew before I did. There was another guy from his's school there:) We had a nive evening!
On Saturday we, or moslty Tsiky, went shopping. There are loads of stuff that are handy to have when you're at a "folehøyskole" (school). A headlight for example:)

But I guess the best part of the day was the music shop where Tsiky could try out all the bass guitars he wanted:)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

looking back

I'm sitting and waisting time, waiting to go to work. Started thinking back, again, and was looking at my x-colleague's old blog. So much fun!! Found these pics from August 2005, which is a while ago now. We had been at Madagascar for about two weeks and had the first choir gathering on this date three years ago, wow!
The same week we also started a scout group for the Norwegian children. There had been one many years ago, but it had been dead for a while. We had so much fun in our specialmade uniforms!! :)

Have been missing Madagascar a lot lately, probably because I know it will still be a long time until I'll be able to go back and visit.. I miss the everyday life, going to the market, talking to people in the streets, the Norwegian children, the Malagasy children on the church school, all the laughter and smiles that were so real even though many had so little. We have so much to learn, I have so much to learn. I sit here thinking i'm a poor student!! I really am ashamed of myself, and we all should be!! One of the worst moments in my life was having to leave Madagascar in a hurry at Christmas time. Coming from people who never knew if they would have food for the next day or clothes for the cold nights, to people in big airports with so many bags of stuff that they couldn't even carry it!! It just made me sick and tears were streaming, I felt so lost, so hurt and so ashamed of my own culture.

Looking back at it now, the worst thing is that shortly after returning home for good, i slipped straight back into old habits.. If only we were as good at doing good acts as talking about them....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Somewhere to breathe

Being a student is something that can be very stressful! Being a new student is worse. Even though I've been to UiA (University of Agder) for lunch a few times before, i haven't had any lectures there. There are so many things to fix the first week. So much information that it feels like your brain just melts and stops functioning. So after what felt like and info overload, i luckily had a half day off on Thursday. So took a book, some nibbles, sunglasses and walked for about ten minutes. This is where i ended up!! Pretty ehh? :)

I cycle through this place to get to uni, such a brilliant start of the day! I think I'll be spending quite a lot of time by this little lake, I'm SO happy it's close by.

here we go!

The first week of uni is over, i've survived! I've had chemistry, met SO many people, had a lot of coffee, bought books, gotten myself a nurse uniform, spent way too much money in the fantastic cafeteria, started in CHRISC again, made new friends, had lunch with old friends+++
Even though it's just been five days, i really feel like i'm in the right place! What they teach us is exiting! It's gonna be a fab year!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This weekend is gonna be so good!! A friend of mine from Madagascar is coming to me on saturday! On Sunday I will go with him to Birkeland Folkehøyskole (A school) where he's gonna study this year:) It's gonna be so cool to have him in Norway this year. He's a really funny guy and lives up to his name, which means smile:)

See you soon Tsiky!


I should show you some pictures from my new home in Kristiansand, but i don't have any. So you'll have to settle with this weird one instead:p

Let me tell you about my new home, pics will have to come later. I'm gonna live about 10 min cyckle from uni, with two other girls, Mari and Sarah. Mari I've gotten to know a bit and she's great! Haven' t met Sarah yet, but we're already facebook buddies:) We (or Mari) have one child, Adrian! He's a grey and white kitten who just melts your heart. Mari, Sarah, Adrian and me live in a cozy little red house, with a garage and pattio. It's gonna be a fantastic year!

On saturday me and my dad loaded up the car and set off to start making my room mine:) I stayed until sunday and by the time i left, my stuff was everywhere and it started to feel like home.

I'm so exited about moving in! It happens on saturday, four days to go! Yaaay!!

.......Well, i better was a few more shelves now:)

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Struck in awe by the fact that there have been people in here, I give in, the blog is back on!! :) However I must warn you that there will be times when it must rest.. I'm going to be a serious student from now on, and I'll have to study hard. Because if you ever end up in the hospital, you would like if Nurse Staalesen knew how to take care of you;)